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The purpose of this article is …

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I don’t know yet. I’m still working on it.

I never blogged much before, but I used to post on Twitter a lot. Most of my posts are code-related jokes or used for when I get seriously frustrated with my surroundings and/or professional situation.

“What the motivation” for my first site blog post after years of working in the web industry comes down to is this:

It seems the better I get at code and design, the worse I am paid and the more isolated my work is.

dalya kandil, dalyakandil.me
  • I’ve worked with frameworks, such as, Angular Js, React Js, and jQuery.
  • I know the industry isn’t what it used to be, but I’ve seen a serious decline in the relevancy of the jobs I have been offered in the past few years since COVID-19 hit.
  • I stop to wonder if part of this disconnect in pay grade is related to the perceived value of WordPress versus other development platforms.

I don’t know if it is related to people not working together in offices or too much “management by meeting”, but it seems that the excitement of creating code and design is no longer part of the build process of development teams.

I see jobs labeled “Product” and “UX”, which used to be my go-to role if a project appeared to be too “technically advanced” or needed many more years of “historical knowledge” of a particular code base.

However, I am finding that I’m not as challenged with some of these roles because my growing abilities with HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, page optimization and content management.

I’ve worked with Node Js, SharePoint, other CMS platforms, and a number of front-end frameworks, and it seems that the ramp up time for corporate productivity versus small to medium size business needs can be almost prohibitive to most business clients who are in the 3,000 to 25,0000+ price range for quality web design and proficiently coded work.

I’ve looked into alternative and related fields, and have found a few that seem representational of what I still enjoy doing. I find that a large percentage of code and engineering related tasks are not as applicable.

In my experience, I found the most efficient and exciting code I am writing is from the ground up.

dalya kandil, kandil consulting llc

I’m still willing and able to work with popular frameworks. It’s important to understand what JavaScript (and front end development) does and doesn’t do, or perhaps better stated as, what it should or shouldn’t do, generally speaking.

Data, logic and bot scripting is another aspect of development which I’ve looked at and applied to this website experience.

I keep having reminding myself that most of my core graphics work and training was initially in logo, brand, 3d design and marketing graphics, and those fields have taken a serious hit with sites like 99 Designs and Fiver.

Everything about that style of gig work goes against my historical knowledge and training as a graphics professional, where I traditionally get to know a client and develop a long-term productive working relationship.

Recruiters are another source of frustration, since direct communication and hourly mark-up can be prohibitive to positions that would be well-suited to my abilities, experience and interests.

I’m still building out parts of the site and looking for more exciting and higher paying work. Here’s to moving my career forward in a way that makes sense … and money for .me!

  • I find that the more complex and implementation becomes — the more of a need to understand the brass-tacks of the technologies.
  • The learning curve for working with bots and 3rd party widgets are of a completely different discipline.

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