Dalya Kandil

Node JS tools for Bootstrap developers

Dalya Kandil created a command line tool application for designers and developers of websites that were using the DX1 platform. I created the application using Node JS, Sublime Text, Technical Documentation and GitHub repository that was being used at the time in 2015.

Node JS toolkit for the DX1 Powersports inventory application

February 2015

Dalya Kandil can code web pages, apps and frameworks using HTML5.Dalya Kandil can code stylesheets, animations and frameworks using CSS3.Dalya Kandil can code user interactions, animations, data manipulation and frameworks using JavaScript and jQuery.

The application was created to help front end designers and developers in acclimating to modern web development. The release was to be finalized by the dev ops team and built upon by the web designers and developers. The dates listed should be seen as approximate. See my website privacy policy page for more information on copyright agreements and fair use.