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WordPress theme design for online mobile and retail stores

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I created a website to display a design theme which was developed using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and WordPress.

April 2020

However, some changes are still being made. Refer to user experience videos and screenshots for intended user experience.

MockMobile HomePage Dalya Kandil designed and coded grid based designs for a WordPress theme representing mobile repair shops for clients of Repair Lift Marketing Purchase Basic Device Protection
Schedule Android Repair Purchase Basic device protection – Mock Mobile Design Theme Design Designed by Dalya Kandil Owner and Designer at Kandil Consulting LLC Store Locator

Website design and web build are provided for proof of concept. They do not represent the brand identity, commercial intentions or business operations of any existing marketer or retailer. The dates listed should be seen as approximate. See my website privacy policy page for more information on copyright agreements and fair use. Photos used for the comps and demo site were procured as royalty-free purchases from Adobe Stock.