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Dalya Kandil is an independent designer and developer specializing in contract work. My capabilities include: wordpress, html5, css3, javascript, design, development, packaging, logos, branding, brand identity, graphic design, print, mobile, page performance optimization and seo.

Taking chances with design and developing sites with dynamic updates.

I’ve worked with all kinds of — software setups and scenarios — and sometimes bots.

Dalya Kandil can code web pages, apps and frameworks using HTML5.Dalya Kandil can code stylesheets, animations and frameworks using CSS3.Dalya Kandil can code user interactions, animations, data manipulation and frameworks using JavaScript and jQuery.

Some of the past projects I worked on included: branding for boutique food and health products, WordPress themes and building responsive templates using flex and grid-based designs.

My skills cover many forms of graphic design and websites. I use modern and proprietary frameworks, and I can design and code for most standard websites. I’m also working on UI design to improve both efficiency and experiences for desktop and mobile.

I work with web design tools, such as, Sketch and the Adobe Creative Suite. I design and code using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and sometimes, PHP. I’m also experienced with general dev ops for websites and CMS.

Dalya Kandil, DalyaKandil.me